Little Girl

 She is my world, she is my life, she is my daughter, I look at her and I see those blue sad eyes they remind me of you. She’s running around sliding downs slides and hurting her self, she gets that from you. Her curly brown hair bounces as she walks to me to give me a hug, she gets that from you. She looks like you, I wish you could see her when she smiles her dimples stick out , and her laugh makes me laugh when I’m about to cry. I wish you could apart of her life. You will get her for her 3 birthday, and you’ll finally get to see her, I can’t wait to that look on your face when you see how much she resymbls you, maybe you’ll see how important it is to be apart of her.

This is dedicated to any single mother, who is fighting to stay stong for their child. I wish you all good luck.

Phobias and Fears

   For everybody it’s healthy to have a fear but, it’s not healthy for everybody to have a phobia, so what’s the difference?
  I wish I could say it’s easy to answer that question right off the bat but, I can’t ’cause I would be lying so I’m going to answer it piece by piece, here we go.
   First thing first, what is a phobia?  Answer is: An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.(
   Next question what is a fear? Answer is: (verb form)Being  afraid of someone or something as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening. (noun form)An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.(
  Phobia’s can be created when we were young or why were old. The simplest thing could have created our phobia or fear, like for me it was being outside at night when we were playing hide and go seek, and my parents were no where to be found so I started to freak out, then  they jumped out at me and I ran all the way to my bed and hid under the covers. That’s why I have a phobia of the dark( Nyctophobia) because you never know whats out there.
  Phobia’s can increase the situation and create it to be more life threating than it really is.There are people that can help you get rid of your phobia they are called “psychologist”. 
   If you want to know what phobia you have comment on this blog post. I know all the names of phobias.
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My Fear

   ‘Fear’ we all despise it. There are many things to be afraid of some may say that being afraid is not the same as having a fear of something but who is to say that it’s not the same and who is to say that it is the same. Nobody, because it’s an opinion only ourselves know what were afraid of and only ourselves know what our fears are.

  Of course everybody has a fear or two, some get woozy from looking down heights, and others shriek at the sight of a mouse. Some also have a fear of clowns and the boogeyman, well for most people these fears are minor but, for others these fears are so severe that they cause tremendous anxiety and interfere with day-to-day life.

  Phobia’s are created by an intense fear, that to us we make ourselves believe that it holds a threat to us but, in reality it poses no threat at all. Now I don’t think that’s true I believe that true our phobia’s can lead us to our death beds if we don’t be careful.

  There are all kinds of fears a person can have and in fact a person can have more than one like me I have a fear of balloons,and a fear the dark, yes I understand that it’s childish but, it’s true when I go to the fair or something I freak out when like 2 balloons are right next to me. The reason why I have a fear of balloons is because it’s when they pop the noise it hurts my ears and it makes me jump. The phobia of balloons is called ‘globephobia’. The reason why I’m afraid of the dark is because, I can’t see very well in the dark so that closes down one of my senses and so I start to freak out. You don’t know what might happen in the dark you might get mugged, or shot and you can’t do anything about it because you can’t see. That’s why I have a fear of the dark, oh and the phobia of dark is called”Nyctophobia”.

  How can you get over a phobia? Well, on  movies you hear you got to confront your fear but that’s not nessasserily true you can try to do that but, it might take a while necause you’ll be to afraid to confront it. Well, try to think about what made you creat the phobia/fear you have for example: it could be a moment that happened to you when youwere little and you were playing out side in the dark ad your mom went in for a minute and a old dude just walked up to you and started asking you qestions. That could be why your afraid of the dark. Then after you figure out the source of the ohobia you can start fighting to get rid of it. As for instense, try thinking of the positive things that can happen with that phobia/fear. Going back to the dark situation, you can think about what happens n the dark that is good, like fireflies, or looking at the stars and even roasting marshmellows in the dark those are all positive things, forget about the negative and think about the positive. I can’t think of any other way to get over fears.

  We all have fears some may never get over there’s  and some will but, we will never know unless we try.  That’s wisdom you can take to the grave, and dig it upwhen you need it. (Uniwnd)

Unwinds 5 events

Unwind is a good book so far, we are about half way through with it. What has happened so far is:

 1.Connor finds out he is going to be unwound so he runs away.

2.Then Lev finds out he is going to be unwound on his birthday and he decides he wants to be unwound.

3.Next is Risa, she found out she was going to be unwound after her piano resitle.

4.Connor, Lev, and Risa meet up in the highway after Risa’s bus crashed and when Connor pulled Lev out of his car and then Lev got shot with a tranquilizer and Connor got him and ran to the woods where they met Risa.

5.Lev calls the police at the high school and Connor,the baby and Risa trust in a teacher, who sent them to a shop to hide in a basement.

The Root Beer Float

I don’t know about any of you guys but, nothing beats an amazing root beer float on a sizzling summer day. The frothy mix of cold, sweet, refreshing, and flavorful substances is a powerful way to just chill.

    I remember the first time I had a root beer float I was 7 and my mom just came home from work and she always came home complaining how dreadful work was so my dad got a bottle of root beer and he told me to get the vanilla ice cream from the freezer. He also got out the boot mugs and started pouring in the root beer to where there was there full boots of root beer. Amazingly he put 3 scoops of the ice cream in each boot. Then dad told me to get mom to surprise her so I did and then all three of us sat and the dinning table eating away at the delightful floats.

 7 years later- now that I’m 14 there a lot of things going on and I just wish sometimes I could freeze time and relax with a root beer float whenever I want, but I can’t.So  when I get home from school every Tuesday I make myself a root beer float and for I don’t know maybe for like 5 or so minutes all the stress goes away.

   So I’m guessing some of you all are wondering ‘ whats the point to this blog?’ Well of course I have the answer to that, and it’s just to let ya’ll know my first time I had a root beer float. It might not be a good answer to ya’ll but it’s a good enough answer for me.

My Favorite color

Back Lit Paper for Background Usephoto © 2007 Randen Pederson | more info (via: Wylio)My Favorite color is blue all shades of blue, I think the reson why I like the color blue is because it’s a relaxing color and it’s the color of the sky I believe that it symbolizes freedom.

Blue is also the color of water in the ocean it’s alos a color to butterflies,flowers and its a feature of many animals and plants.

Blue is a wonderful color .Dark blue  is the color of truth and moderation. There alot of different kinds or blue and they all have differnet meanigs I advise you to go and check them out. Here’s a website to get you started (


The Mystery of the Missing Martini

  It was a dark and moody night on May 13, 1998 at the Wellurbe  mansion in New Orleans.

   The owner Mrs.Fiorella, the butler Mr.Giacobbe and the nanny Ms.Maisie were all hanging out in the bar room. The bartender Mr.Lorake was making  3 Lady Godiva Chocolate Martini’s.When Mrs.Fiorella says” Common Lorake make yourself a drink it’s stormy night and you seem a bit on edge”.

   Mr.Lorake looks up in response and says” I’m just a bit cautious the lightning came close just a minute ago”. After he said that he looked back down to pay attention to what he was doing. Noticing the impatient look on his friends faces he hands them  their drinks.

  “Kaboom!” as the lightning hits the house the electricity goes out. “Good lord I hate storms, I’ll be right back I’m going to go into town and get the electricity dude…I wonder if Jose works nights?” Say Mrs.Fiorella.

  She looks at Mr.Lorak and he nods, he know exactly what she wants him to do. He goes to the safe and opens it and puts it on the pool table (time to see if we can trust these people) he thinks in his head. he makes sure that  her secret recipie is in the open.

   While the owner is gone Ms.Maisie ends up disappearing ,and the butler becomes unconscious on the floor. And the martinis recipe is completely gone. 

When the owner comes back she finds broken glass all over the floor in the bar. As she is scanning the room  she helps bring back the bartender carefully. “Ugh…the martini I tried to keep it away from him but…she hit me from behind with ladle.” says Mr.Lorak exoustedly.

 “Whoa, hold on are you telling me someone stole my secret recipe, and now there gone some where in the house?” Says the owner in disappear.

 “Y-yes ma’am I saw them run to the left towards the dinning hall.” He answers back to her.

 ” Then I’m gonna fallow them stay here with Jose and get the electricity back on” she says in a courageous voice and she  walks out the room furiously.

  She walks into the dinning hall cautious of her surroundings, she’s glancing all around the room trying to find a clue. As she’s moving around she sees a piece of paper on the table.It says :” page 1 Dear journal, I have found out that the owner of this mansion has a secret recipe , oh how I want to know what it is. I have followed her everywhere I though today she was going to tell me about it I guess I was wrong because she said’ I was a good friends’. Oh how I desire that recipe.

   Mrs.Fiorella looks up from the paper in amazement that somebody in her household is obsessed with knowing the recipe. When she puts the paper down she sees a trail of blood leading out the door to the trophy room. Fully Aware that it might be dangerous to even continue this search she goes on anyway, out the door.

 She walks down the creepy hall passing different pictures of passed on family members and their recipes of fruit cocktails,brew beers and many other recipes. She thinks in her head if this stolen recipe would be the one to lead to her death bed, but she shakes that though and continues to the trophy room.

                        change of scene

“Grrr that stupid bartender gets in all the way it’s a good thing you knocked him out huh Maisie?” Says the butler feriously shoving the nanny into a closet with her mouth ducktapped shut a tear goes down her face realizing what she’s done.

 “But, now that hes out of the way I can finally open up the recipie ha ha ha!” He glances around and opens up the folded paper and he reads: ” It’s summer 1995 I want to write about my favorite martini and it’s called ‘Watermelon cooler martini cocktail’ a beutiful slice of watermelon on a gorgeous summer day…yum! that is one thing that come to mind isn’t it. (just so you all know I did not drink this and I advise you not either unless you 21 and up) 

Well try watermeolon this way!


  • 4 ounces of Smirnoff vodka.
  • 3 drops of Noilly Pratt dry vermouth.
  • 1 ounce of Midori melon liqueur.
  • 2 ounces of pulverized watermelon unstrained.
  • 2 very thin watermelon slices.

The mix

  • Fill a glass martini shaker about 3/4 full of cracked, clean ice.
  • Pour your vodka into the shaker and let stand for sixty seconds.
  • Add your midori and pulverized watermelon .
  • Shake, shake, shake.
  • Rim 2 frozen martini glasses with watermelon flavored cocktail candy.
  • Strain your elixir into your martini glasses.
  • Decorate each glass with a watermelon slice.

The end of my recipie.”

Mr.Lorak looks up in total amazment, he had no clue that his owner was a ,astermind of liqour until now.

“I found you Lorak now put my recipie down. It want do you any good unless you goto school. But since your going to be in jail I don’t think thats a opption.

The sirens were out side the police were here ready to take him away so he dropped the recipie and he headed for the bulcky poilice man at the door.  The other police men found Ms.Maisy passed out in the closet and brought her back in about an hour she turned out fine. And Mrs.Fiorella headed back to the bar room and put the recipie where it belongd in a safe where nobody can get to it.

 Then they all gathered at the end of the drive way and all waved good bye to their butler as the police car dove down the rode.