Little Girl

 She is my world, she is my life, she is my daughter, I look at her and I see those blue sad eyes they remind me of you. She’s running around sliding downs slides and hurting her self, she gets that from you. Her curly brown hair bounces as she walks to me to give me a hug, she gets that from you. She looks like you, I wish you could see her when she smiles her dimples stick out , and her laugh makes me laugh when I’m about to cry. I wish you could apart of her life. You will get her for her 3 birthday, and you’ll finally get to see her, I can’t wait to that look on your face when you see how much she resymbls you, maybe you’ll see how important it is to be apart of her.

This is dedicated to any single mother, who is fighting to stay stong for their child. I wish you all good luck.

2 thoughts on “Little Girl

  1. AWESOME!!!!! i luv it. so is it about a little sister of yours or a friend. but it sounds like it was you. i dont know i confused my self.

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